Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hey guys! 
This is just a quick example of what future blogging is going to look like! Instead of trying to pump out pictures that lack flow, I'm going to try and tell a story with my pictures. Lump pictures over a period of time, be it by month or year. This is most certainly a different style then we're both used to. A deeper look into my personal life, with pictures in raw form showing raw emotion. All these images are from last January. A very transitional period in my life, so many things were changing, and I still had so much to learn. Honestly I can't believe a whole year has gone by, but I'm glad its over with!

2012 is only the beginning. 
Sooooooo many crazy things have been going on, but its good to take time to reflect. 
Looking back I think the most important thing I learned from last year was to

Just go with it...
embrace the chaos, the more you fight it, the more life will try & throw at you. 
Karma is a beautiful thing & I truly believe everything happens for a reason

Hope you all enjoyed this little insight into my life. 
Things to look forward to:

-more blog posts!
-more pictures
-new website
(its in the works i promise, im just too much of a perfectionist! haha)

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