Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I believe I owe all of you an apology! Sorry guys I've recently been MIA. January is what I call my cleaning/organization month. So don't file a missing persons report, I've just been hibernating in my room. Cleaning, cleaning and doing some more cleaning. More then anything I've been trying to organize and come up with some more efficient system for storing all my pictures and hard files.

While doing this I've also come to terms with the fact that I SUCK at blogging. haha. Its true, I've tried, and believe me I'm going to continue to try for you guys. Its important to show my work to you guys and let you know I'm always striving to make my business better. Sooooo.... that being said expect lots of changes and new things coming your way. We're talking about lots of new changes for the better

-same blog, just a different style of blogging! (keep coming back to see)
-NEW WEBSITE this has been under works for awhile and I'm getting closer and closer to unveiling the finished product :) so exciting
-ordering process! with the new site will come a new and improved way to order prints & pictures. Making things easier for you and me. yay! haha.
-interaction! with all these new changes its important that I make the right ones. that means i'll be asking for input and ways I can improve... starting with YOU!

Feel free to leave tips, advice, or input below in a comment.
Your also always welcome to email me at
with questions, comments, or concerns. :)

I want to hear from you guys!

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