Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfect day

I've always known that creativity is something you can't force, its almost impossible. This being the only reason I was ever really hesitant to start my business. How could you trust that you'll be able to produce awesome wow portraits for every person that wants you to take their picture? Well you can't you just have to get to a point where you trust yourself enough to know you'll do the best with what you have and find a way to make it work. Even when given crazy weather conditions, you find a way to make it work. Anyways I could go on forever about creativity and how it isn't just something you can make happen, it comes naturally, sometimes when you least expect it.

Thats exactly what this day was, a day when creativity came, when I least expected it. One of my dear friends surprised  me with a "I'm back in town!" text. It had been waaaayyyy to long since I had seen him, so of course we made plans to hang out right away! We met for coffee literally 10min after I got his text, and planned a nature walk the next day. Not only is this person amazing, but probably one of the only true people I feel 100% comfortable with. So it was the perfect opportunity to bring my camera along. I honestly don't enjoy taking nature pictures with too many people, always the rush, impatience, or just lack of understanding in what I'm trying to do. Well this guy, was a film major, so lets just say there was none of that. haha. We went walking me equipped with my camera & he with his droid and went picture crazy! Stopping every so often to capture the simple joys of spring at its finest.

All the pictures, these and previous post included are from that one walk. A perfect day, in all ways. Something thats rare to capture, so I'm so happy to be able to share these with you. Hopefully these help remind you of a perfect spring day you've had :) enjoy!

Me doing what I love.
A little behind the scenes picture. :)

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